Chapters Makin'

ZepiCeno the Priest and U.N.O.M - Chapters Makin' (Mixtape) released on July 31, 2014

ZepiCeno the Priest & U.N.O.M - Chapters Makin' [ill005]

Two thousand and fourteen is a milestone for ZepiCeno The Priest and U.N.O.M. They welcome everyone to celebrate with them, their first combined release Chapters Makin'. A reggae/dancehall mixtape enriched with the traditional chant combined with smooth reggae vocals that address different current and traditional social topics. ZepiCeno produced and mixed their common struggles, blessings and lessons together with chants, praises and songs to create what they feel is music. Ill Tempo recordings proudly presents the free download of the mixtape: Chapters Makin'. Blessings and Enjoy the 1st Chapter!